UV Sterilizer Box ($26 each, case of 6)


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360° Sterilization eliminates 99.9% dirty stuff, keep your belongings clean;

One Key Operation, Timing Sterilization - Working Mode: 5mins – Soft Sterilized; 15 mins – Medium Sterilized; 30 mins – Powerful Sterilized; 

High quality UV lamp, protects your family's health for a long time. Not only for phone, but small accessories like watch, earrings, mask and so on.

Lightweight and portable, great for family, office or outdoor travel. The product is compact, fashionable and beautiful in appearance and convenient for taking along.

Micro USB Cable included to help charge from USB Port


Product Size: 227 x 142 x 97mm

Weight: 334g / Material: ABS

Input  Voltage and Current: 5V / 1.0A

UV Wave Length: 185nm

Ultraviolet Tube: 0.5W

Ultraviolet LED: 4 x 0.06W

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