Sinusave Extra Strength, Regular Strength and Air Traveler 1.7oz


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Breathe Easier the Natural Way!

Breathe in...... breathe out......breathe in......breathe out......Feels good doesn't it?! Breathe even deeper with SinuSave®! 

SinuSave®is the ONLY patented all natural daily nasal hygiene wash! SinuSave®is DRUG FREE and SALINE FREE. Our all natural formula is a unique blend of 9 Essential Oils making it safe to use throughout the day SinuSave®is safe and effective with a pleasant aroma that remains as it helps you Breathe Easier™

This age old remedy has been trusted by pharmacists and medical professionals as a mucus solvent and nasal passage cleanser for decades SinuSave’s measured dose system delivers the effective amount of it’s patented formulation of 9 Essential Oils SinuSave®

Regular Strength, Air Traveler, SinuSave®Extra Strength –50% stronger for those who are exposed to excessive dust, smoke, pollen and extreme air pollution SinuSave®Air Traveler™ Increased strength by 25% for use before, during and after being exposed to notoriously dry air. Completely safe! SinuSave® Kid friendly formula 6 years and older.

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